Safeone Hypodermic Needle



  • Superior quality cannula and grinding technique insures a sharper point for easier technique.
  • Needles is siliconised with the imported silicon for smoother penetraon.
  • Needles are packed with medical grade paper, blister film and tamper proof to ensure reliability of sealing and product sterility.
  • Gauge of needles may be idenfied easily by the color of hub manufactured a super ISO-6009.
  • Imported cannula tube.
  • Needle hubs and protecon are made from medical grade, polypropylene.
  • The bevel is ground and honed.
  • Double-bevel design to provide a comfortable and accurate injecon
  • Packing: blister


Sterile Single use
Compatible with all medications
Transparent & smooth sliding plunger
Latex free Elastomer Gasket
Luer Mount, with or without needle
Ultra sharp needle, minimum pain
Manufactured as per ISO 7886
5 year self life
Available size 2/3/5/10 ml
Available in Blister pack

Gauge Hub Colour Needle Length Diameter
16G White 1x1/2 1.6
18G Pink 1x1/2 1.2
19G Cream 1x1/2 1.1
20G Yellow 1″, 1x1/4″, 1x1/2″ 0.9
21G Green 1″, 1x1/4″, 1x1/2″ 0.8
22G Black 1″, 1x1/4″, 1x1/2″ 0.7
23G Blue 1″, 1x1/4″, 1x1/2″ 0.6
24G Medium Purple 1″, 1x1/4″, 1x1/2″ 0.55
25G Orange 1″, 1x1/4″, 1x1/2″ 0.5
26G Brown ½”, 1x1/2” 0.45
27G Light Grey ¾”,1x1/2” 0.4