Infusion Set (I.V. Set)



  • Unique Micro air filter to minimize the contamination.
    Transparent Drip Chamber for easier monitoring of flow rate.
  • Medical Grade, Non – Toxic transparent tube for kink free effect.
  • Sterile and individually packed.
  • Infusion set with drop rate of 20 drops/ml.
  • Strong ABS Roller and Clamp for perfect controlling of Drop Rate.
  • Inbuilt air vent system for Vented Type Sets.
  • Two variant- with and without air-vent.


Constitute extra strong, sharp spike with flexible drip chamber With / without air vent for rapid adjustment of fluid level.

Clear transparent and flexible drip chamber to see flow rate

Disc Filter in the drip chamber. Flow rate = 20 drops/ml

Accurate flow controller

Strong roller clamp with provision to hold the tube for changing, the fluid container without disturbing the flow rate.

Kink free 150 cm transparent PVC tubing for easy visualization of flow

6% taper luer, as per International Standard.

Flush ball type latex Injection membrane for intermittent medication

Also available with a Y-injection site (with or without Latex)

Options of luer lock, Luer slip, needle available.

Sterile, single use and non-pyrogenic